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NFT Artist & Medium

Medium Friederike Rath.webp

Friederike Rath delights in beautiful frequencies and sharing these with people who love them just as much.


After working as a medium for more than twelve years, her heart had further plans in store.


She began painting and drawing incessantly at the age of four. 


Her school environment, a Waldorf school anchored in the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, allowed her to exploit every creative possibility and hone her mindfulness.


But the natural artist first found her way into the world of fashion, as a model, which was quickly superseded by her gift as a medium.


Full of curiosity and passion, she explored endless frequencies. Mental clarity, contemplation of enchanting inner worlds, and exploring uniquely valuable knowledge brought her to another flower of her heart: art, a flower that has been blossoming again since 2021. 

She took up her pencils again in August 2021 and has created more than 400 artworks.

Creativity brings the artist so much joy, she could happily do this 24 hours a day.


Friederike was completely inspired by the idea that every buyer can download the images and the frequencies they emit to all their digital devices as NFTs, where they can emit their positive frequencies day in, day out. 


And so she delves into new and wonderful collectives every day, ready to reach into her heart to transform them into matter. She also likes to bring light to more challenging collectives, which she feels need a bit of a boost.



All works were officially launched on 23 May 2022, the day on which all friends and acquaintances, as well as family, learned that Friederike (F.R.Vibes is her artist name) has taken her place among the artists.


The works are available for purchase on on or here. Just send an email to to let me know which one you would like to buy.


If the buyer wishes, a print of any purchased NFT can be produced and sent out by post. Would you like to learn more about NFTs and digital art? Learn more here.


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